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The Peoples Choice Award results are in! A total of 142 votes were cast across 5 categories. The most obvious conclusion about the new Peoples Choice Awards is that next year we need to order more ribbons!!!

Thank you so much to all of the community members who visited the gallery and supported our regional high school art students. If you missed your chance to vote, don’t worry- the MURAL Student Art Show is an annual event. See you in Spring of 2020!


Here are the Peoples Choice Award Winners for 2019:


Pencil, Colored Pencil, & Ink/Sharpie Drawing:

Alexis Rockefeller - untitled– 9 South Kortright

Caitlyn Bhend - Hair– 12 Stamford

Gabrielle Groves – Object Self-Portrait– 12 Gilboa-Conesville


Painting (Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel):

Chazden Ford – Nova Grace– 12 Gilboa-Conesville

Henry Kuhn – Fun in the Sun– 12 South Kortright

Lauren Schmid – untitled– 10 South Kortright


Mixed Media & Electronic Painting:

Sarah Fox –Line & Movement– 12 Stamford

Georgia Lynch – Tree Night– 9 Stamford

Michaela Jones – Line & Movement– 12 Jefferson


Photography & Graphic Design:

Ailee McCracken – untitled– 9 South Kortright

Elizabeth DeWitt – Cardinal – 12 Gilboa-Conesville

Chloe Davis – The Farmers Knot– 9 South Kortright


Ceramics, Sculpture, & Mobile:

Lila Shafer – Wind Chime– 10 South Kortright

Faith Kliza – untitled– 12 Gilboa-Conesville

Jayden Rivera – Pollution Needs a Solution– 10 Stamford

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