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July 21 through August 26

Betty Aberlin

MURAL is pleased to present the recent work of Edmond Rinnooy-Kan. In his paintings and drawings, Edmond straddles the line between abstract space and real space. His is intrigued by how “form, shape and color can transform (or not) into something bigger than oneself.” He revels in the concepts of time, motion, and the physicality of paint, inviting the viewer to do the same.

Juxtaposing the literal, linear depiction of a measuring device, (ultimately flat, symbolic, childlike), with the deep abstract space of a realist landscape he challenges our perception, making for a profound ride through space and paint. 

Edmond says that, for him, if something is too literal it is banal and if it is too abstract it is boring, so he overlays one over the other for a richer and more immersive experience. 

We can see the influences of Philip Guston in his palette of greyed reds and blues and intimations of man-made objects and of Wilhelm deKooning in his expressive and animated brushstrokes.  But Edmond’s work is unique. His imagination and wry humor are a delight for the eye and a meditation for the mind.

We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do!

Edmond Rinnooy-Kan is a Dutch national who became an American citizen in 2017. He started his professional life in medicine. After graduating from Medical School he finished his doctoral thesis in 1986. Thereafter he quit both science and medicine to pursue his first love: the visual arts.


He went to art school in New York City (Parson’s School of Design) and Amsterdam (Wackers Academy). Subsequently he worked as an art director and designer in Amsterdam for a number of different agencies. In 1994 he started his own “Design and Strategy Company” that employed 20 people at its peak. 


Since moving to the USA he works fulltime as a fine artist. His work is shown both in the United States and Europe. He is represented by Gallery Lughien in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


For a visual introduction to his current artwork go to

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