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Mixed Media Artworks 

by Marie Cummings and Joan Dworkin

June 1- July 7

Opening Reception on Saturday, June 1st, from 2-4pm

Marie Cummings.jpeg
Joan Dworkin.jpg

Marie Cummings’ mixed media works on paper and illustration board reflect a perception of life as multi –faceted, richly textured and complex. Marie finds deep, rich, bold hues intensely exciting and considers her palette, brushes and paper as tools for play. Water and paint dance together in her studio, making forms that spark the imagination and speak to the heart. Her work is a form of meditation, an expression of her soul.  

Joan Dworkin’s collage works draw from years of graphic design work. Using magazine glossy paper in a process she likens to doing a jigsaw puzzle, Joan layers over a background using a process that can take many days to complete. 

The textures and skills utilized by these two complimentary artists resonate throughout their artworks. Through different backgrounds and mediums, Marie Cummings and Joan Dworkin invite viewers to explore and enjoy the visual worlds they have created.
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