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Lisbeth Firmin:

"Urban Artist

in the Country"


July 15 - September 10


Opening Reception 

Saturday, July 15th,

New Time!

5-7 pm

Lisbeth Firmin rides the line between abstraction and realism in contemporary American realist paintings and prints that explore the relationship between people and their environments. Her bold applications of energetic marks produce an abstract interplay of shapes that fall into place when viewed from a distance and reflect modern themes of isolation and disconnection.

To learn more about Lisbeth Firmin and her artwork, click here.


with Lisbeth Firmin

"Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain"

New Dates!

Monday, August 28- Friday, September 1

Cost $200.

For online registration, click here.

Lisbeth Firmin, Barbershop Chinatown
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